Here you can find out more about how we work with SCA’s forest management and our wood supply. You will find questions and answers that pertain to forestry and management of our forests, the origin of the wood raw material and how much we consume. We also answer questions about the forest and the climate, biodiversity, nature conservation and much more.


SCA's forests and forest management
Sustainable forestry has the highest priority and is a self-evident part of all of our operations. The forest industry plays a large and important role in the transition to a fossil-free and sustainable society.

Nature consideration and biodiversity
Our goal is for the forests to be at least as rich in biodiversity in the future as they are today. We analyze climate risks and assume responsibility for red-listed species in our forests.

Harvesting and cultivation methods
SCA harvests about 1% of its forest area each year. To us, it is important to use the forest sustainably and to have a sustainable harvesting level.

SCA’s climate model has been audited and is also used by other Swedish forest companies. It is also applied within the industry in both Sweden and Europe.

Raw material and wood consumption
SCA’s sources for raw materials are a balance between purchases from other forest owners, imports, and forest raw materials from SCA forests.

Certification and regulation
Certification is a valuable tool for sustainability work. Certification is a measure of how we fulfill demands, and is reviewed by an independent party. We also establish our own targets, which are monitored.