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Arcwise® is a unique packaging technology that for the first time entails curved shaped corrugated board packaging. The technology provides premiumization of packaging and attraction in point of sale. At the same time, Arcwise® has a significant lightweighting potential, which can substantially reduce carbon footprint. Different Arcwise® packaging solutions are adapted for automatic erecting and filling.



The Arcwise Multipack concept provides means to fight plastic waste

Environmental considerations have never been

as important as they are today and consumers are making more conscious choices. A relevant trend is the moving away from plastic wrapping to renewable and biodegradable packaging solutions. The Arcwise multipack concept is an alternative that will significantly reduce the CO-2 footprint and avoid that micro plastics end up in the ocean!

Arcwise packaging in automatic packaging lines from SMI

The well-known Italian packaging machine

producer SMI has recently announced in a press release that Arcwise packagings can be erected and filled in their automatic packaging lines in the WP- and MP range.

Arcwise presents new multipack concept

Environmental considerations have never been

as relevant as they are today and consumers are making more conscience choices. Moving away from plastic wrapping to a more sustainable solution will reduce your CO-2 footprint and will avoid that microplastics end up in the ocean.

Curved shaped Arcwise® packaging running successfully in Meypack’s machines

SCA Arcwise and the packaging machine

supplier, Meypack, have recently seen the result of a successful collaboration. The goal was to secure that curved shaped Arcwise packaging can be erected and filled in Meypack’s packaging machines.

Take away at Burgersson – an attractive offer when social distancing is urged

Three years ago Burgersson launched their

successful take away packaging solution based on the unique curved shaped Arcwise® material developed by SCA.
Lightweighting Icon

Extensive material saving potential through lightweighting

Sustainability Icon

Renewable, biodegaradable and potential for extensively lower CO2 footprint

Upscale icon

Possibilities for creating bigger displays and packages that are rigid

Attraction Icon

Curved shapes are perceived as more attractive than objects with sharp angles

Curiosity Icom

Evoking curiosity, e.g. by seamlessly extending a graphic design from one packaging panel to the next due to round corners.

Association Icon

Clever integration of graphic design with curved packaging shapes opens up for enhanced brand and product association.

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The technology is protected by a portfolio of patents and design protections and is available through license agreements. Arcwise® packaging can be purchased from certified box manufacturers.

Arcwise Concepts

Clever integration of graphic design with curved packaging shapes opens up for enhanced product- and brand association



Discover Arcwise Concepts

How it works

The Arcwise® packaging concept can be realized in conventional corrugated board machinery and subsequent printing and die-cutting equipment and does not involve significant investments. Arcwise® packaging can be shipped flat from corrugated packaging producers to brand owners (fillers) and attain a curved shape in the erecting/filling process. In Point-Of-Sales, attractive curved shaped packaging designs are set to boost sales among brand owners.

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Graphics with Curved shapes

Arcwise® provides the opportunity to integrate graphic design with curved shapes. If the shape of the product is considered to be important for your brand you might want that to be reflected in the packaging


Arcwise® technology can be used to produce packaging and displays for a wide number of applications



Packaging manufacturers are offered to get a license agreement which gives the right to produce and sell Arcwise® packaging. Before a packaging manufacturer is allowed to sell Arcwise® packaging, the production facility needs to be certified. The certification procedure will assure that the quality of production is at highest possible level. 

Send a request to for more information on how to become a licensee and a certified manufacturer of Arcwise® packaging.

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Arcwise® Design Lab

Arcwise® Design Lab is combining creativeness and professional design competence with deep know-how about packaging performance, logistic systems, productivity and how to optimize packaging for all parts of the supply chain 

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