Our Obbola paper mill in Umeå got a new plant manager, Gustaf Nygren, who took up his position March 1, 2020.

Gustav has extensive experience in both Swedish and European industry. The journey started 20 years ago when he worked as a summer substitute in the wood-room in Obbola. Since then he has gained experience from the paper, chemical, mining and manufacturing industries. 1.5 years ago, Gustaf returned to the forest industry and SCA as head of SCA Maintenance. Now he is back in Obbola where everything started ready for new challenges.

"It feels inspiring and fun to be back in Obbola and in the role of plant manager, it feels like coming home," Gustaf says.

Together we will create the mill of the future

The Obbola paper mill is undergoing a transformation right now. We are building the world's largest and most advanced paper machine, which will increase annual production of Kraftliner from the current 450,000 tonnes to 725,000 tonnes to meet the growing demand for renewable packaging.

“The goal is that what we build will be a reference for this type of production in the world, which of course also implies a great responsibility”, says Gustaf.

The project involves major changes for everyone at the factory. For Gustaf is it important to take advantage of the ideas and the skills that the employees possess - they have indeed created the factory we have today.

“The Obbola paper mill will contribute with the organization, new working methods and expertise to ensure that it will be the most efficient kraftliner machine for many years to come. Together we will create the mill of the future, and it feels amazing that it will be found in Sweden, in Västerbotten, in Obbola”, says Gustaf.

Published 5/7/2020