Paper made from recycled fibre is a more responsible choice than paper made from fresh fibre.



Without fresh fibre from sustainably managed forests, the world would eventually run out of paper. Why? Because after several uses, recycled fibres get too short and worn out, and they have to be replaced with fresh ones. The good news is that fresh fibre, aside from being an essential part of our paper supply, is also truly sustainable.

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Limit global warming
Did you know that SCA’s operations are climate positive? There are several initiatives and improvements made in our entire value chain.

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Only fossil-free production available
We are convinced that sustainable, fossil-free kraftliner processes is the best road forward to mitigate climate impact.

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The survivor
Your box may be exposed to hot, dry or humid climates. It can be put on long journeys or stucked in a freezer for long time storage. Whatever tomorrow brings SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength survives longer.

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Taking the truck towards a fossil-free society
This may sound pompous, but we strive to reduce all fossil emissions - from the management of our forests to the transport of our products to our customers.

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