Paper made from recycled fibre is a more responsible choice than paper made from fresh fibre.



Without fresh fibre from sustainably managed forests, the world would eventually run out of paper. Why? Because after several uses, recycled fibres get too short and worn out, and they have to be replaced with fresh ones. The good news is that fresh fibre, aside from being an essential part of our paper supply, is also truly sustainable.

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SCA is leading the way - again
We took our first step as early as 1961 when we added a kraftliner machine to our pulp mill in Munksund. Take part of our evolution.

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Sustainability is in our DNA
The forest truly is at the core of our operations. We have created an integrated and well-invested industry around this renewable resource.

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Why waste ink when you could print better with less?
Sharpen up by choosing SCA Kraftliner White Top. The dense composition of our SCA Kraftliner White Top lets ink transfer onto the print surface just like you want it to.

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Gloss - so great you can measure it
The shininess of prints on SCA Kraftliner White Top is for real. Pinch your arm if you like, but we can give you the glossy facts in fine print.

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